The Steps of Manufacturing Authority

One of the first steps to take to start your journey on being seen as the expert in your field is to believe it.


Many people do not believe this to be so, but if you do not believe in yourself and see yourself as the expert in your field

then who will?

If we are saying one thing and acting another, then everyone will pick up on the non incongruent behaviour.

Authority doesn’t usually happen over night, there is this great saying that “it took me 25 years to become an overnight success”, and in a lot of cases this is what it takes, Time. It may not be 25 years and it could be a number of weeks.

NOW is the time to start working consistently in becoming the Authority in your field.

before starting you must have your head space all aligned , believing, seeing and doing

Start acting as the Authority and attract those who are looking for the expert in your field.

Being called the expert by yourself, doesn’t cut it

Being called the expert by yourself, these days, does not cut it any more.
Nothing beats when others call you the expert, once you are seen as the expert, doors will open that you could not imagine.
It will not happen magically or overnight, so the time to start is now

Take a look at Jean Cannon from, Jean has learnt to manufacture authority, When viewing her site you will see the sub heading that states “Featured In”

sky news, Country times and others.

The creditability Jean has obtained just from that makes others view her as the expert

and as Jean would probably state if I can do it so can you.

The Time to start is now

Swimming Upstream

Early this morning I was at the gym rehabilitating my shoulder which was recently operated on,  it will be fine

In approx 2-6 months, then  I should be back in full action.

What surprises me is the type of people who go to the gym at that time of the morning.

Could you have a guess?

There are a hand full of oldies that walk in the pool and talk, then there’s the younger fitter swimmers that can put out a couple of km’s.

In the gym there’s a number of young girls who look fit and working out.

Where are the ones who need to be there? In bed , eating bacon, McDonalds, Energy drinks for breakfast etc!

I  know it’s not easy to get up when it’s cold and make the effort, if you know that this would be a benefit to you then you

Really need to make a decision but first let’s ask  ourselves what type of person are we

Lets imagine life’s like a river and we are in the middle  of it and the current is flowing but it’s not too strong, Now it’s time to

Make a decision…

Are we going to – Float downstream

Not be in control, let life take us were it wants, there may be even a 100’water fall there, who knows!


We could just paddle and stay where we are, that’s easy, nothing changes

They third option is and I am hoping you guessed it is….

Swim Up Stream- your destiny and you’ve in control.

Isn’t that better? I know it’s a lot of hard work, with work and effort comes results.

I swim upstream, Why I know it’s the right thing to  do

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