Building Rapport

The other day my wife June and myself went into Melbourne with the grandkids, it was after one o’clock and we were all getting hungry, we decided to go to a small lunch shop that I had been to a long time ago.


We were warmly welcomed by the owner a friendly Asian type person and as the grandkids have Asian in them, she took to them beautifully and warmly welcomed us. Nothing was too much trouble, I ordered our meals and 2 drinks for the 4 kids to share, She was not having that and insisted she would make them all drinks, Then we were given a extra bowl of chips for the kids.

No sooner had we received the milkshake drink no 3 tipped it over and smashed the glass, they rushed over cleaned the mess and a new drink arrived in a cardboard cup and they weren’t upset in the least.

This made us and the kids feel very at ease, when we finished they wanted to know all about the kids. I insisted on paying for the breakage but there was no way they were going to let me.

When you experience something like this a number of things are going to happen, one you are going to tell others, you will go back.

Plus they picked our no.3 as Mr Energy Bunny and discussed how there’s was similar.

To me you could not get better rapport then this.


In this case we had the Asian connection, what you need to do when your with your clients is dig deep and find your hidden connection to create rapport.

How Not to Sell

Recently I was looking at a 4 door Ute at a Nissan dealer which is also a Mitsubishi dealer, in the papers they where overing a 1% finance deal, this made it a fairly attractive deal.

I was looking in the showroom for a Navarra, a young salesman came up and said hello, I told him what I was looking for as Nissan due to having a great deal on finance, that I had seen advertised, he then preceded to show me another vehicle, which was a better price, but I had no idea of the finance rate.

I was never shown the Navarra, he took no details, did not give me any of his contact details. But he then said “if you need any help contact me”.  How?

As I was walking out I asked him did he have any Navarra’s to look at?

He said yes outside, sorry I need to talk to these people”

What would you do in these circumstances, or what are your thoughts on this salesperson.

I walked away from this with a feeling of not being validated; he did not listen to me or try to find out anything about what I wanted and why I was there.

I am now looking for another dealer.

Make sure you do not handle your potential or customers in this manner.

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