Franklin Roosevelet used PR

Franklin D Roosevelt the 32nd American president and his wife Eleanor were one of the first to use PR as part of their daily life with success to create authority that lasted up to 30 years after their tem as president and the first lady to which title she hated.

He led American through war and depression.

FDR as he was known made his first decision of being a people’s person than his predecessor Herbert Hoover, FDR made more speeches per month than Hoover did in his whole term.

He regularly held 2 press conferences per week, one of the morning editions and the other one for the evening paper, plus he also held a radio talk back called “around the fire”, this was for the radio.

His weekly press interviews were reasonably open discussions with the journalists allowed to ask questions, that Roosevelt allowed.

It was stated that he was the best radio host on air, he had worked out very quickly how and what to say on the radio for his benefit, everyone one else was making speeches wrongly by yelling and having monotone, Not FDR  he was a welcomed quest in the American’s living room who had a radio.

Not a pest like many others.

He learnt how to use the microphone to his benefit by lowering and increasing his tone were it was needed.

With the entire PR that FDR was doing he was seen as one of the peoples people and as an Authority figure.

Eleanor started a weekly newspaper column in the later years of being the first lady, she was also called “ The first Lady of the World”  Now that’s a title.

Her column was so successful connecting her to the American people that her reputation continued for 30 years after leaving the office.

Both of the Roosevelt’s recognized the benefits how PR can build your reputation and create Authority and used it wisely.

Safe one second Mack truck next.


Retirement has just begun; the retirement fund is looking good.

This is a day you looked forward to for years.

Then Wham!!, That can’t be right we are now broke!

Well what happened is Dad and his best mate, who both love a beer or two , drove down to their favourite bar to have a drink, after putting down a couple to many it was time to leave, somehow the older men realized they weren’t fit to drive, so they decided to let their son drive.

This may sound a good idea! But the son was not legal to drive and was not mentally capable of driving.

This didn’t seem to worry them or enter their head and of they went.

Then this is where it went horrible wrong, the son went crashing down the street and took every car out.

This numbered many and you guessed it, with no insurance his retirement fund had to pay for all the damage.

I have told you this story not to scare you, but just to remind you of what happens in life sometimes. One day okay next the Mack truck comers along.

This can also be in a good form, like winning tats lotto, broke one day rich the next.

We cannot always be ready for what happens next, we can recognize this can happen and learn to roll with the punches.

I hope the Mack truck is kind to you.

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