There are always more ways than one

Due to unforseen car issues in the last 3 days and having 3 separate car issues I had to ride my push bike to work today, I forgot how big some of the hills are, I was thinking it was all downhill until I started riding, the good thing about riding in hills is that you get to go down and the speed you gather gets you half way up the hard side. A bit like business.

What I have noticed about people riding bikes today specially the young ones, is that they use very low gears and peddle fast for a slow speed; I asked myself why do they do this? The only reason I could come up with is that it’s easy, they only have to use a little bit of force, lots of energy not getting very far.

I have always ridden in higher gears, pushing a bit harder but getting the speed up were possible.

This riding style is very similar to business, you can work fast and get nowhere or you can put a bit more energy into it, but gain momentum and in business momentum is a critical factor.

To me the smart and logical way is the higher gear and a bit more energy.

If I can help you look at ways to implement  some changes in  your business for the better, where you need to put your energy and stand out in the crowd, please feel contact me.

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