When You Stand Out, Beware

You are in the firing line for the haters, why? Because you stand out, you’re different and you’re successful.

McDonalds have been in the firing line and receiving hatred comments, because they want to build another  store in a children’s hospital.

Mc Donald’s stand out in the field of fast Food, the leaders in this field all round the word, Ray Croc would be extremely proud of this. McDonald’s have been supporting children and their parents for many years, they have created a charity called “Ronald McDonald House Charities”.

They provide a range of support to seriously Ill children and their families when they need it most.

My family has used this service first hand, when my granddaughter was in the children’s hospital with serious life threatening symptoms. Parents cannot thank them enough, after they have come through their family ordeal, and no longer need the support.

With all this good work that they do, they still cop all this flak, abuse and hatred.

They also supply a place that’s safe and late at night you can sit down and have a cup of coffee and something to eat, everywhere else is shut.

When you become highly successful, a face that’s recognized by the public, expect some flak against you, it will not be true, it will hurt, Stand tall in knowing that your heart is true and you are doing what you are doing for all the right reasons. When you are being bombed by this, don’t try to fight it by yourself, get help and talk about it, do not let them beat you down.

You never hear about the army sending in one guy, always   sending  the troop into battle.

Entrepreneurs are needed in this world to stand up and stand out, let it be you and not get kicked down by a hand full of jealous haters of the world.

Thank you McDonalds for what you do for others .

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