My Queue is Bigger than Yours

When going out for lunch last week, a bunch of us went into a food court for some lunch, there was an array of many types of food, there was this one food stand that really stood out, it had a queue 10 to 15 people long at any given time.

Unfortunately we were on a strict time schedule, we had to get back on time, therefore we choose a sandwich shop next to it, that had no queue,

I know the others were thinking, what is wrong with this shop?

We ordered lunch and sometime later it came out, not that quickly really, specially as it was called the quick stop, they were certainly not living up to their name.

The food chain that had this long queue was called SCHNITZ it is a franchised outlet around Australia, what made this so good?  unfortunately I cannot tell you as I didn’t have time to try it, I bet you this, that the experience people received when buying their food here was completely different to what we received at the standard lunch shop.

Again this shows that to be successful you have to stand out and be seen as the expert in your field.

Clearly Schnitz does this, as they have a queue that long every day.

They have approx 12 customers to every One, compared to the shop next door.

Imagine if you could multiple your business by 12 times?

You can, deliver the experience your customers would love and be prepared to wait for it.

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