Mission – Vision, Core Values and My Why

Mission Statement –

To help restaurant and business owners create the business of their dreams, rekindle the competitive spirit. Having all the customers they need, using little money, while working less and loving it.


Vision Statement-

In the next five years my vision is to inspire 186 businesses to have achieved the dream of how they want their business to look.  It can be in the shape of a ten percent increase or a three hundred percent increase.

You will have the tools and knowledge to make this happen.


Core Values -

Integrity woven in everything I do.

Have empathy for every client of mine.

Be accountable.

A Leader that gives you, power and transformation.

Full support.



My Why –

To be a leader and inspire others, to compete with change, while having fun.

At Your Service


Victor Little


My Queue is Bigger than Yours

When going out for lunch last week, a bunch of us went into a food court for some lunch, there was an array of many types of food, there was this one food stand that really stood out, it had a queue 10 to 15 people long at any given time.

Unfortunately we were on a strict time schedule, we had to get back on time, therefore we choose a sandwich shop next to it, that had no queue,

I know the others were thinking, what is wrong with this shop?

We ordered lunch and sometime later it came out, not that quickly really, specially as it was called the quick stop, they were certainly not living up to their name.

The food chain that had this long queue was called SCHNITZ it is a franchised outlet around Australia, what made this so good?  unfortunately I cannot tell you as I didn’t have time to try it, I bet you this, that the experience people received when buying their food here was completely different to what we received at the standard lunch shop.

Again this shows that to be successful you have to stand out and be seen as the expert in your field.

Clearly Schnitz does this, as they have a queue that long every day.

They have approx 12 customers to every One, compared to the shop next door.

Imagine if you could multiple your business by 12 times?

You can, deliver the experience your customers would love and be prepared to wait for it.

When You Stand Out, Beware

You are in the firing line for the haters, why? Because you stand out, you’re different and you’re successful.

McDonalds have been in the firing line and receiving hatred comments, because they want to build another  store in a children’s hospital.

Mc Donald’s stand out in the field of fast Food, the leaders in this field all round the word, Ray Croc would be extremely proud of this. McDonald’s have been supporting children and their parents for many years, they have created a charity called “Ronald McDonald House Charities”.

They provide a range of support to seriously Ill children and their families when they need it most.

My family has used this service first hand, when my granddaughter was in the children’s hospital with serious life threatening symptoms. Parents cannot thank them enough, after they have come through their family ordeal, and no longer need the support.

With all this good work that they do, they still cop all this flak, abuse and hatred.

They also supply a place that’s safe and late at night you can sit down and have a cup of coffee and something to eat, everywhere else is shut.

When you become highly successful, a face that’s recognized by the public, expect some flak against you, it will not be true, it will hurt, Stand tall in knowing that your heart is true and you are doing what you are doing for all the right reasons. When you are being bombed by this, don’t try to fight it by yourself, get help and talk about it, do not let them beat you down.

You never hear about the army sending in one guy, always   sending  the troop into battle.

Entrepreneurs are needed in this world to stand up and stand out, let it be you and not get kicked down by a hand full of jealous haters of the world.

Thank you McDonalds for what you do for others .

There are always more ways than one

Due to unforseen car issues in the last 3 days and having 3 separate car issues I had to ride my push bike to work today, I forgot how big some of the hills are, I was thinking it was all downhill until I started riding, the good thing about riding in hills is that you get to go down and the speed you gather gets you half way up the hard side. A bit like business.

What I have noticed about people riding bikes today specially the young ones, is that they use very low gears and peddle fast for a slow speed; I asked myself why do they do this? The only reason I could come up with is that it’s easy, they only have to use a little bit of force, lots of energy not getting very far.

I have always ridden in higher gears, pushing a bit harder but getting the speed up were possible.

This riding style is very similar to business, you can work fast and get nowhere or you can put a bit more energy into it, but gain momentum and in business momentum is a critical factor.

To me the smart and logical way is the higher gear and a bit more energy.

If I can help you look at ways to implement  some changes in  your business for the better, where you need to put your energy and stand out in the crowd, please feel contact me.


Doing whats right will make you stand Out

Recently my life has been turned on its head, we now have four grandchildren to look after, ensure their safety and livelihood.

This is something you have to do when you’re a grandparent, so I thought!

We have been constantly told by others that we are doing such a wonderful job and are going way and beyond of what’s expected. You are kidding right? How can looking after some kids who are in need be going way and beyond, plus isn’t it your duty? To stand up and get on with the job.

It doesn’t seem that too many people do stand-up when they are needed, this has been a very hard concept for me to take in, but it seems to be true.

The majority of people don’t stand up when needed, the only good side to this is, that people like yourself who are committed, want to help others and stand out have very little opposition to stop them from being special and standing out.

It doesn’t mean that it will be a very easy task, there’s still hard work to be done, but there will be less roadblocks in your way.


This specifically can be aimed at those who are wanting to or have just started their own business and are finding road blocks in the way stopping them from being really successful, the main roadblock is you and your life as it is in the way, as I know how that feels.

There are people out there who need your help and information and desperate for it, once they have your info, their life will be changed for the better. When you talk to someone who is successful and has helped others, they say the most satisfying part is when someone comes up to them and profusely thank them for changing their lives. Wow what could be better. It would be like a performer on stage getting a standing ovation, the feeling would be overwhelming.

Now is a good time to get back on track and continue on, so you Stand out.

Why Not Start at the Top?


Why do you have to start at the bottom?

Being  seen as the expert or authority in your field often means that you have been working in this area for many years, studied, experienced or may be even researched it , you may have a degree or masters, the main ingredient is time spent in this field.

You cannot just wake up one morning and be the authority in a field you have chosen or can you?

This seems like a typical statement you read on the web- “Becoming a CEO doesn’t happen overnight, CEO’s work their way through the ranks and rise to the top thanks to a combination of hard work, presentence, traits and qualities that make him or her top – notch business leader.”

Some of the great entrepreneurs state to be successful look at what the masses are doing and do the opposite, as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is insanity.

This is called conditioning we are programmed that this is the path we must follow to achieve success.

Some of the great Entrepreneurs who have become experts in their field will ask you, why do you have to do this?  Don’t be one of the masses “Do the opposite”.

There are of course exceptions to the rule, you don’t want the brain surgeon to only have 6 weeks training instead of six years, the results would be terrible.

You decide tomorrow you are going to open your own business up, that means tomorrow you become a owner and CEO of your business, no experience, you are now one.

There are people who have been given a business due to a death in the family and they have to walk in and be the senior management, did they start at the top Yes.

Then why cannot you.

I had a family friend who decided one day to become an accountant at a large business, he went for the job, sold himself and got the position, No Experience, No Degree, absolutely nothing , yet he got the job.

He started his first day, and was shown what to do. He then stated that at his last job they did it differently so he was shown what to do and of he went, he never was found out not to have his degree and he did a excellent job.

Was this starting at the top as the expert?  He may not have lied or he may of, I do not like to lie or deceive anybody, it all depends on how the questions were asked and his answers.


It is proof that you can start at the top.


If you want to be a CEO why start at the bottom and learn all these skills that CEO’s don’t use, why not train and learn the skills CEO”s Need, this would make far more sense.

To add some more evidence of starting higher up on the ladder

A mother worked in the field of writing, her son wanted to be a high level manager, the both concluded why start at the bottom.

The mother working with her son wrote a compelling resume for her son to take at his interviews for top level positions, yet he had never worked in these fields before.

The resume worked and the son was offered the higher position job, he had the passion and vision the skills are the easy part to learn.

There were no lies or deceiving in this resume, just well crafted words displaying his attributes he would be bringing.

This could be you jumping the rungs off success and being seen as the expert immediately.

victor little

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